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The Curriculum Proposal database is an electronic system for the development, submission, review and approval of curriculum proposals.

Current Curriculum Proposals (September 2022 to Present)

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Kuali Database

(Proposals submitted November 2021 - August 2022)

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Archive Database

(Proposals approved prior to March 2022)

Archived proposals are available for employees to access. If you need to view and/or copy content from older proposals, just open the archive database and search for the proposal(s) you want. Contact the Curriculum Office if you have questions or need help.





Faculty Contact Hours

Regardless of format or delivery system, 15 hours of faculty directed instruction = 1 Faculty Contact Hour. Any exceptions to this practice should be discussed with the Curriculum Office.

Class Hours

One (1) Class Hour = 15 hours of lecture or laboratory instruction. These hours may be delivered in various methods; for example one hour a week for fifteen weeks, or three hours a week for five weeks, or five hours a day for three days.

Credit Hours

Generally, one student credit hour is equivalent to 15 hours of lecture-based instruction; 30-45 hours of laboratory instruction, or 45 hours of clinical or experiential instruction. In non-classroom based instruction, the faculty should consider these equivalencies when stating the amount of credit awarded and provide rationale for those judgments.

Instructional Time

Instructional time does not include homework time. It is generally assumed that for every one hour of lecture based, two hours of laboratory based, and three hours of clinical/experiential based instruction, the student will have two hours of homework or assignments.